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oilOil of St. Joseph
"Brother Andre often advised those who came to him to rub their afflicted bodies with some vegetable oil which had been burning in front of the statue of St. Joseph. Even today, oil used in this manner remains a link with our tradition. It is an expression of faith. It is not the oil itself which cures, but the Lord who hears the prayer of the faithful."



small_oilThe Book of Christian Toe-Pinchers
A soul-searching book with illustrations, reflections, and scripture verses



small_oilAn Original Noel
Set of one cassette tape and corresponding booklet. The cassette consist of music by The Spirit of the Lord Music Ministry, a meditation by Father Manny and a poem.


small_oil Emmanuel ... The Holy Spirit Heals - Revised Edition
This book gives us testimonies of everyday people who have claimed healings from God through Father Manny's intercession. It also provides an informative view about healing itself.
(Author - Bonnie B. Latiolais)


small_oil GET US OUT OF HERE!!
Maria Simma speaks with Nicky Eltz. "Dear reader, What you are now holding is a most interesting book. The world beyond is speaking. It is offering advice, asking for help, and giving answers. It exists and speaks about life - our life here and of possible consequences of our behavior. It tells us that it is not the same to be humble, loving, good, merciful, loyal and honest as it is to be proud, loveless, bad, merciless, betraying and dishonest. At death this is not forgotten but rather remembered in total clarity. Not only is the punishment, or better yet the cleansing, spoken about; but also the length of this cleansing and so very much more!! ...all personal doubts disappeared once I too had met and spoken with Maria Simma. She is true..." Fr. Slavko Barbaric, OFM


small_oilEmmanuel... Chosen by God Revised
A biography of the life of Father Manny Fernandez. Emmanuel ... Chosen By God takes us through some of the most important and private moments of Father Manny's life, including his death experience in Ghana, Africa, and the development of his gift of healing. His story can be an inspiration to all who seek a closer walk with God. (Author - Bonnie B. Latiolais)


Approx. Running Time: 75 Minutes

this film uncovers new research offering fresh insights unavailable just a generation ago. Now for the first time top scholars scientists, historians, and church leaders revisit age-old questions and embark on a spiritual quest to unlock the controversy and consolation of Purgatory.


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